Welcome to Canadian Obits

Every person in this world is a unique light. When they pass, even though we mourn their loss, we must make sure that their light shines even brighter. At Canadian Obits, our goal is to make that as easy as possible. Our focus is the celebration of life, through thoughtful obituaries and memorials.

When we’ve lost someone close to us, it is easy to be consumed with the sorrow their absence fills us with. In an uncertain world that can overwhelm even the best of us at times, it is good to share as much joy and happiness, highlighting the best of the departed, even when dealing with grief. Canadian Obits knows it’s important to celebrate their life by cherishing and sharing the memories made together with the world and we aim to help with that.

You choose the words; the perfect message that truly reflects the way you feel about the person. You share the picture you feel is just right. You can make sure that you have everything you need to represent your lost loved one. Once you’ve sent us the information, it will go through a quick approval process. Once approved, you will receive a notification letting you know your loved one’s obituary is on the website and ready to be shared with anyone looking to find out the details about the funeral or to share their support.

The best way to bring a community together at a time of loss is to bring their thoughts and prayers together in one place, allowing for love and support to replace the sorrow. Canadian Obits allows for such a place by allowing the users to post their own memorials, not only immortalizing the departed’s memory, but also allowing the community a place to share their own thoughts. Canadian Obits allows for everyone to share their lives through words and dedications, memories and stories.

Dedicated to helping Canadians with quick and devoted service, we make sure that we remain a growing resource for communities across the country. We promote engagement among the members of the community and anyone else looking to share their thoughts and sympathy. Our easy to use system coupled with our versatile obituary engine makes posting a simple process, as well as finding any particular tribute.

Our goal is to continue to grow our site and our ability to support everyone looking for a platform to commemorate those that have left us. Nationwide, Canadian Obits will be your source for support when you need it most.